Advance Kingscote Progress Association Incorporated (incorporated in 1997, re-named 2012).

Amongst the many achievements of Advance Kingscote it is fair to say that their work in the Reeves Point area has been their major project. The restoration and improvements in the area have provided immense benefit to the community. In 2003 a Master Plan was commissioned for the development of Reeves Point, an area significant in the European History of South Australia, being the site of the first such settlement in the state. The development plan included a shelter shed, barbecue facilities, toilets, a playground, a bird hide, and restorative work for the Pioneer Cemetery. Interpretive signage and a commissioned public artwork for the Flagstaff Hill area were also part of the overall plan. Information and photographs of the developments and Advance Kingscote's other works are below. Please appreciate the achievements, and enjoy the journey.

Public Artwork at Reeves Point

The Reeves Point Flagstaff Hill Public Art Project by artist Trevor Wren, consists of four large quarter hulled sections depicting the first ships carrying the first official settlers to South Australia in 1836. Stone mason Thomas Appleby built the outer hulls using local stone. The internal walls are of cast concrete depicting the ships decking. They have the names of the four ships,The Duke of York, Lady Mary Pelham, The Rapid, and The Cygnet, inscribed on them.The indigenous past is acknowledged in words and symbols on the seven metre flagpole. The Flagpole is fabricated from hexagonal brass rods in a fashion similar to ships rigging. The Crows nest and mizzen mast house the flag raising mechanism. The hexagonal pavers, made by the students of the Kingscote Area School, feature symbols of local marine and insect life. The concept of the hexagonal design comes from the Ligurian Bee Hive. The ligurian bee was introduced to Kangaroo Island in 1885.


South Australia's oldest cemetery is located at Reeves Point. The cemetery contains only nineteen known graves, mainly of descendants and employees of the South Australia Company established at Reeves Point in 1836. The names of the pioneers buried here are recorded on slate tiles at the entrance and exit of the foot bridge leading to the cemetery. Recent work in this area, with the assistance of the KI Council, included new fencing, the removal of dead trees, and a general tidying of the area.

Shelter area

This area, opened in 2008, consists of a modern covered shelter shed housing barbecue facilities and magnificent wooden tables and seating. A small modern playground including a fascinating 'spider's web' climbing structure is located next to the shelter. New toilet facilities are included in the complex.

The Old Mulberry Tree

The South Australia Company sent a number of fruit trees from England in 1836. The 'Old Mulberry Tree' is the sole surviving tree from the original plantings. It still bears fruit each year. A smaller 'Mulberry Tree' propagated from a cutting taken from the original tree was planted alongside in 1986 as part of the 150th year anniversary of the settlement.

The Entry Statement of Kingscote

As you enter Kingscote you are welcomed by a stonework known as 'The Entry Statement of Kingscote'. It was erected by Thomas Appleby a local stonemason with the help of pupils from the Kingscote Area School.
The stone is local limestone with a top section of local basalt. Local artist Deb Sleeman erected the adjoining 'Sails' using pylons from the old Kingscote jetty as support. The sails turn when the wind reaches about 15kms/hour. The lettering on the stonework is highlighted at night using solar powered lighting.

Bird Hide

Situated on the foreshore looking out over Beatrice Point is a bird hide set up to observe the approximately fifty types of birds frequenting the area. The hide was built using grant monies in 2008 by Lee Campbell and the KI Council. An interpretive sign with photos and information about some of the more frequently sighted birds is on view inside.

Tree plantings, gardens etc.

Advance Kingscote, in conjunction with other groups, and working with assistance of the KI Council, have planted hundreds of native trees in the Reeves Point area. The Tower Park, a new park adjacent to Reeves Point has benefited by the planting of 450 trees over the last few years.
Advance Kingscote has also created some of the small street garden areas which help beautify the township of Kingscote, as well as assisting the Brownlow residents in the clearing of the levee bank to make it accessible for cyclists and walkers. They also work on the KESAB and the Tidy Towns campaigns keeping the road verges free of litter.

The Kingscote Visitor Guide and local maps

Advance Kingscote publish a small, approximately sixty page bi-annual guide to Kingscote. This is provided free of charge at various outlets and provides tourists with an invaluable guide to the area.
Larger maps of the Kingscote area are also made available with the sponsorship support of local businesses.

Christmas Parade

Each year Advance Kingscote organises a Christmas Parade which is sponsored by Drake Supermarkets. It is held on the last Friday before Christmas and begins at 5:30PM with Father Christmas riding in the last float.
The island community enter the spirit of the parade by creating floats, wearing costumes, and entering specially decorated vehicles. Local businesses provide prizes for the best dressed boy and girl, best decorated bike, and float etc.
After the parade Father Christmas sits on the lawn at the front of the 'Queenie' handing out bags of lollies. Face painting, a sausage sizzle, and the announcement of the best Christmas lights of the Kingscote houses are all part of a carnival atmosphere enjoyed by the community.

Projects in the pipeline and for the future

Ongoing works.
It is planned to further develop Morgan Park (the old Tower Park) with a walking trail. This area offers stunning views across Shoal Bay.
There will be continuing work in the Cemetery with new pathways and re-plantings of bushes and trees.
Improvements are planned to the Visitor Guide with additional walking tours and maps, including Brownlow and the roads to Emu Bay.

The Wright Park Project is underway. Please click on
this link to see what has been happening.

A selection of images

The link below will lead you to a selection of images of Advance Kingscote's journey. You will be able to view the images in a variety of sizes.


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